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Authentic Chinese Food

Non Spicy

G2. Sauté Tomato w. Scrambled Egg 10.95
G3. Sauté Shrimp w. Scrambled Egg 13.95
G4. Sauté Oyster w. Scrambled Egg 18.95
G5. Sauté Dried Bean Curd w. Shredded Pork 11.95
G6. Sauté Potato w. Shredded Pork 11.95
G8. Braised Eggplant w. Minced Pork 13.95
G9. Sauté Bitter Melon w. Shredded Pork 13.95
G10. Sauté King Oyster Mushroom w. Shredded Pork 13.95
G11. Jellyfish Salad Topped w. Scallion and Cucumber 19.95
G12. Roasted Duck w. Scallion 25.95
G13. Spare Ribs in Homemade Sauce 18.95
G14. Crispy Spare Ribs w. Sweet and Sour Sauce 18.95
G15. Crispy Spare Ribs Topped w. Salt & Pepper 18.95
G16. Crispy Jumbo Shrimp (With Skin) Topped w. Salt & Pepper 14.95
G17. Fried Squid Topped w. Salt & Pepper 18.95
G18. Braised Pork Belly with Homemade Soy Sauce 18.95
G19. Salted Fish with Bones Braised Bean Curd 18.95


spicy H1. Shredded Pork w. Green Chili Pepper 14.95
spicy H2. Shredded Beef w. Green Chili Pepper 16.95
spicy H3. Beef w. Scallion 16.95
spicy H4. Roasted Duck (With Bones) in Homemade Spicy Sauce 25.95
spicy H7. Spicy Ma Po Tofu 11.95
spicy H8. Spare Ribs w. Homemade Spicy Sauce 18.95
spicy H10. Shredded Pork with Garlic Sauce 11.95
spicy H11. Spicy Fried Diced Chicken 14.95
spicy H12. Hot Spicy Kung Po Chicken 14.95
spicy H14. Braised Fish with Bones 18.95

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