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Szechuan and Hunan Dishes

w. White Rice
spicy B1. Kung Po Chicken
spicy B2. Kung Po Shrimp 9.95
spicy B3. Double Delight w. Szechuan Sauce 9.95
spicy B4. Szechuan Shrimp 9.95
spicy B5. Szechuan Beef 9.50
spicy B6. Szechuan Chicken 8.95
spicy B7. Double Delight w. Hunan Sauce 9.95
spicy B8. Hunan Shrimp 9.95
spicy B9. Hunan Chicken 8.95
spicy B10. Hunan Beef 9.50
spicy B11. Shrimp w. Garlic Sauce 9.95
spicy B12. Chicken w. Garlic Sauce 8.95
spicy B13. Pork w. Garlic Sauce 8.95
spicy B14. Beef w. Garlic Sauce 9.50
spicy B15. Double Delight w. Garlic Sauce 9.95
spicy B16. Chicken w. Cashew Nuts 9.50
spicy B17. Shrimp w. Cashew Nuts 9.95
spicy B18. General Tso's Chicken 9.50
B19. Sesame Chicken
B20. Sesame Beef 9.95
spicy B21. Orange Chicken 9.50
spicy B22. Orange Beef 9.95
spicy B23. Hot & Spicy Chicken 8.95
spicy B24. Hot & Spicy Beef 9.50
spicy B25. Hot & Spicy Shrimp 9.95
spicy B26. Mongolian Beef
(No vegetable will automatically add $4.00 to the total)
spicy B27. Empress Chicken 9.25
spicy B28. Mala Chicken 9.25
spicy B29. Mongolian Chicken
(No vegetable will automatically add $3.00 to the total)

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